Welcome to The Adaptive Fly Fishing Handbook

“In therapeutic adaptive fly fishing and fly tying, I don’t believe there is a single right way to do something.  I believe there are some ways that have proven to be more effective than others, and that there are some wrong ways to go about things.  Remembering the principles will steer you clear of the wrong ways.”

- Ken Morrow, The Adaptive Fly Fishing Handbook, page 2

This handbook is intended to help you steer clear of mistakes and meet with success as you develop and implement an adaptive fly fishing program.

Ken Morrow, Founder/President of the Adaptive Fly Fishing Institute (AFFI), Certified Adaptive Fly Fishing Practitioner and outdoor writer, has penned a comprehensive guide that will educate ALL adaptive fly fishing enthusiasts. This useful handbook addresses important clinical and instructional information, and shares first hand anecdotal experiences that will help instructors and adaptive anglers as they strive to perfect their fly fishing skills. Kenʼs passion for fly fishing and his knowledge of how to achieve quality instruction is evident as the reader is skillfully guided on a wonderful journey known as adaptive fly fishing.

Mark A. Andrews
Founder/Executive Director
Therapeutic Adventures, Inc.
Co-Founder – Adaptive Outdoor Safety Council
Advisory Board Member – AFFI